Top Nutrition Tips for Surfers. By Rosie Mansfield.

Top Nutrition Tips for Surfers. By Rosie Mansfield.

The Nutritionists Rosie Mansfield

Your board isn’t the only thing you need to stay balanced on to become a liquid shredder!

Words by Rosie Mansfield; Owner of The Nutritionists.

I recently observed a dripping wet surfer, board tucked underarm, walk straight into the golden arches of one infamous beachside fast-food haunt. Now I know what your thinking, “where did he stash his money!?”. After that thought, it got me thinking how this process of refuelling just doesn’t balance out. After an epic session launching your body into wave after wave, using every muscle possible to enjoy the art of surfing, it makes sense to show gratitude to your body for its hard work. Thousands of tiny muscle tears are created when exercising, so we need to firstly fuel it correctly and secondly recover fully with the nutrients needed to repair and tone.

Now I saw the gigantic surf that day, he would of confidently earned his days kilojoules they manage squeeze into little saturated fat, sugar spiking, dirty carbohydrate burdened McMeal deal spiels!! Nutritionist’s around the globe are on a set mission to re-wire purely through education on the benefits of a healthy diet for vitality and life longevity. Worship

your body in the same way you worship the ocean you surf in everyday. Treat it with respect and give back, even just occasionally, what it gives out!

A surfer needs to follow a balanced, clean and protein rich diet. But, what does this all really mean?

Balanced – Eat a variety of foods from all food groups to ensure complete nourishment is gradually consumed by days end. If beige has been your plates favourite colour for years, try to graze through the rainbow – pick brightly coloured foods with each meal. Include these food groups:

Low GI carbohydrates (pre-surf) – Wholegrain oats, wholegrain bread, quinoa, wholemeal pasta and sweet potato.

Lean protein (post-surf) – Grass fed beef, organic chicken, sustainable fish, tofu, tempeh, organic eggs and kidney beans.

Essential Fatty Acids (omega 3) – Oily fish, avocado, olive oil, flaxseeds, chia seeds, nuts and sunflower seeds.

Vitamins, minerals & antioxidants – Seasonal berries, fresh fruit, organic vegetables, green juices and super foods (seaweed, organic red wine, Fairtrade dark chocolate and Acai).

Water – Stay hydrated. We may not feel to thirsty when surrounded by water, but it is essential to rehydrate every 3 hours, aiming for 6-8 cups of filtered water a day.

An easy trick is to make sure your diet is balanced is to not skip breakfast. You will ensure more chances of reaching your daily nutrient requirements. Also, aim to consume five small meals a day, now this isn’t for everyone, but will give you your greatest chance to nourish and balance your blood sugar levels – preventing energy dips, hunger pangs and mood swings.

Clean – Go organic. It’s not just a fashion statement, it really is better for you! Consume a ‘whole food diet’ – eat foods as close to their natural source as possible (example: buy a deli bought local tuna steak, over a tin of home brand tuna in olive oil, best before 2067!) Eat raw when possible, to lap up foods delicate nutritional properties. Source your fresh produce from farmers markets, small local grocers and vegetable box delivery for your best chance of supporting local, saving you pennies and eating food from earth to plate in the smallest possible time.

Protein Rich – Protein is the building blocks of our body. Surfers are athletes, there is no doubting that. You may not be able to see our sweat dripping down our faces like a session at Crossfit, but surfing is a sure fire all over body work out. We need clean, lean and highly absorbable protein to repair and rebuild our muscle post surf. Lean protein options including: grass fed beef, organic chicken, sustainable fish, tofu, tempeh, kidney beans, chickpeas, whey protein powder, almonds and sunflower seeds.


Special thanks to Rosie and The Nutritionists for the article.


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