In an age where desk jobs, phones and computers dominate a lot of lives, Kirstin Gail seeks solace in the art of putting ink to paper… Kirstin’s ‘minimalist’ black-and-white style sure has a way of capturing the peaceful and graceful moments in surfing.

Following words by Kirstin Gail.

Art has been part of my life since I started drawing mermaids at age three.

Although the media and subject matter for my art have evolved over time, the core reasons for practising art have remained constant. It is through art that I can express and share things that are meaningful to me. The act of creating something by hand (not computer) that you can actually reach out and touch is incredibly rewarding.

Given that my day job (I work in the sustainable building design sector) involves a lot of computer work, this is particularly important to establishing a balanced lifestyle. The process of drawing and painting in itself is also very meditative and brings me a lot of peace. If you’ve ever tried one of those adult colouring books, you’ll know what I mean.


Although I grew up in the landlocked state of Colorado in the US, frequent trips to the California coast (where I was born) while growing up led me to develop a love of the ocean. It started off with body boarding, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving – it was when I learned to surf, however, that the ‘happy’ feeling I got in the water was taken to a different level, and I knew that I was meant to surf! When I moved from the US to Sydney in 2012, I finally got the opportunity to really progress my surfing and incorporate it into my lifestyle.

KIRSTEN Crouching Tiger

Surfing and the ocean have brought me much joy and peace over the last several years, which is why I’ve made them the centre of my artwork. The ‘minimalist’ black-and-white style I’ve developed attempts to capture the essence of the relationship between a person and the water. Currently, I’m really enjoying playing with the simple combination of ink and water on paper, but I also want to explore colours and other media eventually.


Earlier this year (while I was living in WA for a stint), I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of 100 local artists to have my work displayed in the PUBLIC Salon 2015 in Perth, hosted by Form. It was such a pleasure sharing my paintings with the community and I look forward to doing so more in the future.


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