Surfing while pregnant!

Surfing while pregnant!

Ever wondered if it’s possible to surf while pregnant? Well here is your answer! Corina McGuire shows us it’s possible. She surfed right up until the day she went into labour with both of her children and she tells us how.

Surfing Pregnant

GSN: Did you imagine you would be surfing right up until the day you went into labour?

Corina: Before I got pregnant I was terrified about taking a lot of time out of the water. I never intentionally set out to continue surfing the whole 9 months with my first baby but the truth is I just never felt the need to stop. Now I have two boys and I was still surfing on the day I went into labour with both of them and intend on surfing again with my third one day.

Corina Surfing Pregnant

GSN: What problems did you come across while surfing pregnant?

Corina: I would often get asked how I could paddle and lay safely on my belly. I never stopped surfing during my pregnancy. I just adjusted as it grew. It made the transition easier. I carried most of my weight on my knees and chest while paddling with my butt way up in the air. It looked pretty funny.

Corina Surfing Pregnant

GSN: What types of boards were you riding? Did you need to change them up during the pregnancy?

Corina: I usually ride a short-board however, standing on a tiny 5’9″ short-board became a bit more challenging as my baby grew. At the 6 months stage I started riding a bigger 6’6″ which was designed for a heavier load.

Corina Surfing Pregnant

GSN: Did you find it hard to find the motivation to surf while pregnant?

Corina: It definitely took a lot of determination and will to surf while pregnant as exercising is the last thing most pregnant women feel like doing. I’m so addicted to surfing that it was the best activity for me while pregnant.

Corina Surfing Pregnant

All imagery by Ladine Smith during Corina’s first pregnancy.




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  2. Holly July 13, 2014 at 12:19 am

    I am a surfer, and also a mother of 2. I LOVE surfing, and HATED pregnancy, particularly because I stopped surfing right after the first trimester. My reasoning, I DID NOT want to risk hurting my babies! I am an advanced surfer, can ride any type of board, duck-dive, noseride, etc. BUT, I also know how a split second can ruin any surfer’s life. My primary concern is getting hit with a fin, second the board, third the ocean floor. On an unsuspecting day way back, a fin ripped through my side, sending me to the ER, and requiring many stitches. I can’t IMAGINE what would have happened if there was a baby in there then? After that day I have always used Proteck fins, which help, but I notice yours are not? I am so sorry to be negative, but I would not want anyone to do what you did and later regret it. As my friend’s doctor told her after surfing about 5 months “don’t be so selfish.” I completely understand the depression that can come with a lack of surfing, as I’ve gone through it with 2 kids. The fact is, most moms who surf understand and they stop too. With both kids I swam the entire pregnancy. With baby #2 I did stand-up-paddleboarding on FLAT water ONLY for several months later, only as long as I felt there was no chance of me being unstable. Even then I felt guilty. So, I’m glad you made it through, but please don’t do it again, and please don’t encourage other women to do this. I’m sure you would not want to feel responsible if a baby were hurt.

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