Surf, Fashion, Lifestyle Photography with Cait Miers

Surf, Fashion, Lifestyle Photography with Cait Miers

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a freelance fashion and lifestyle photographer? Meet 22 year old Cait Miers from Victoria, Australia. Cait has been turning heads around the world with her stunning and elegant imagery both in and out of the water. We asked Cait all about her passion for female surfing, fashion and lifestyle photography and how she rose to success in this challenging industry.

Cait Miers

Kim: I see you’re only 22! Wow! Did you always want to work in photography? Did you always see yourself where you’re at now?

Cait: Haha! I’ve always been a sport lover. When I finished high school I went straight into a sport science degree. I got through a year of study and realised I wasn’t enjoying myself at all. I’ve always been interested in photography but honestly just took a bit leap into applying for the RMIT (University) course the next year. I got a little folio together and got in!

It’s funny because when I did that interview I had a lot of images of skateboarding and surfing and I was basically just spilling out my passions in imagery. The first two years of shooting and my degree I was still finding my feet. It was really hard to find myself in photography. Then one day my mate Sarah from Arrow Divine Jewellery asked me to shoot the first campaign. At this stage she was just starting out also. From there, I started getting asked to do more local fashion brands and it’s just been pretty crazy ever since!

Kim: Do you surf yourself? Or have any family members, friends etc that surf? Would this be part of your inspiration to shoot females in surfing?

Cait: Yeah absolutely love surfing! It’s what has driven my passion to shoot women in the water for sure! My brother and dad also surf and our family holidays were always beach based. I think I’ve always followed women’s surfing because it’s so relatable and I’ve loved to watch how the girls interact in and out of the water. I think this side is really different to men’s surfing.

Cait Miers

Kim: It looks like you spend a lot of time shooting in the water. You must really love the ocean! Would you say you are a strong swimmer?

Cait: The ocean has been my biggest inspiration since I can remember. I used to swim competitively and did lifesaving for a few years too when I was younger so swimming comes pretty naturally! I try and find time to go for proper swims here and there too to keep my fitness up!

Kim: What sort of equipment do you use and do you have any support on set?

Cait: At the moment I used a Canon 7D with a Tokina fish eye lens underwater. I use an Aquatech housing, a pretty basic model but does exactly what I need it to for now! Shooting in the water it’s just me, myself and I. I do some fashion jobs with stylists and assistants, but it really just depends what it is!

Cait Miers

Kim: What kinds of brands/jobs are you on at the moment?

Cait: I’m freelancing full-time at the moment so there’s a few swimwear shoots coming my way, which is pretty cool! I’m trying to find more time to do some more personal work and also using different pieces in the water. I love combining the water with feminine cuts and styles so it’s pretty fun doing a surf shoot with girls wearing graceful one pieces!

Kim: Favourite shoot to date and why?

Cait: Would have to be earlier in the year shooting a few girls down at Phillip Island. We had a few sessions in the water throughout the day and we just scored. The waves weren’t even that good but I just remember being so unbelievably in that moment and just non-stop smiling! Everything turned on for us!

Cait Miers

Kim: Hardest/most intense shoot to date and why?

Cait: There have been a few surf sessions that were taxing on the body that I wasn’t really prepared for. One in particular I went out at Shipwrecks and we got dropped out there and within the first 10 minutes I’d been rolled so many times I had to just float in the channel for an hour waiting for our boat driver to pick us up!

Cait Miers

Kim: What do you most love about your job?

Cait: I get to wake up and love what I do every day. Meet new people, connect with creative people and just not being boxed into anything.

Cait Miers

Cait’s first coffee table book titled Washed Elegance.

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