A product with purpose, that reverses the process…

We all buy things because we ‘need’ them. As surfers something like sunscreen we obviously really need, otherwise we’d all be burnt crisps, especially in the recent heat wave. Truthfully, one of societies greatest thorns is ‘our needs’ and how they impact on our world. Our demand increases and our resources become depleted, often effecting entire ecosystems and the wildlife they host. Imagine if our demand and need for sunscreen could help reverse this process? That’s what makes the following great…

I’m Annabel Barratt, a 23 year old surfer from Dee Why, Australia. It was a good friend of mine, Luke that started talking about the declining numbers and extremely poor treatment of sun bears after a recent trip to Thailand. After doing a fair amount of his own research into the problem, Luke came up with the idea of creating a product that both helps us as humans whilst also raising money to save a species from extinction. 80% of all profits go to the Sun Bears. It’s not a charity, its a business with a ‘win-win’.


To be honest I had no idea what a Sun Bear is, until I heard about this. You mostly hear about the Panda Bear or the Polar Bear. But the Sun Bear, the world’s smallest bear is another endangered species. Due to deforestation most of its habitat across South East Asia is gone. Other threats such as hunting, the pet trade and sadly ‘Bear Farming‘ have put this beautiful species on the brink of extinction.

The deforestation across South East Asia is mainly due to Palm Oil Plantations that stretch for 1000’s of km’s. Having driven thru rows of palm trees, which were once the soil to some of the world’s most ancient rainforests, the impact becomes very real. So sadly commercialism and high demand for a certain product has led to another endangered species

However, this is why I think Sun Bear Sunscreen has so much potential. It is essentially reversing the whole process. So from every tube that is sold, 80% of your money goes to saving a species from extinction. The more sunscreen that is sold, the more funds that are raised and the more bears get saved & eventually released. It’s a pretty simple and clever formula, and naturally the product is palm oil & rainforest derivative free.

EXCEPT, there’s one problem… It doesn’t exist yet. These kind of projects require a fair bit of dough to get started. So they are crowdfunding on Pozible. We really need to help them. They have UNDER 2 DAYS LEFT to make their target, and they’re so close. If they don’t make it, your donation won’t be charged, but lets hope that’s not the case, lets help MAKE IT HAPPEN!

We all need sunscreen, so if they make there target we get more sunscreen to save our skin. Lets not let another species burn out. Get behind Sun Bear Sunscreen and help make it a reality so for once commercialism and our ‘needs’ can actually be doing less harm and more good. Protect your skin, and theirs! Click here.

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