In 2015 Yeni Canelon founded Salti Hearts, the surf, yoga and fitness camp for women. The camp encourages women to take some time out from reality to explore the Salti life. Here is Yeni’s story.

The early days. 

My name is Yeni Canelon. I am half Venezuelan, half Italian with a great passion for all things surf, yoga and fitness. Growing up on Los Rogues, a Caribbean island meant that I spent a blissful childhood in my happy place, the ocean. At six years of age I caught my first wave and I have loved surfing and the surf lifestyle ever since.

The Road to Salti.

The road to Salti was paved with opportunities to embrace and hurdles to overcome. Unknowingly, the journey equipped me with the skills I needed to create the best surf, yoga and fitness camp I possibly could.

At University I studied Oceanography which led me to work on many different environmental projects in South America. After nine years in the field, I decided to try something new so I studied another interest of mine, photography.

As we all know, life doesn’t always go to plan and soon after leaving South America I found myself working in Spain for a well known clothing company. The work was interesting and I made an amazing group of friends but I knew that it wasn’t where I was supposed to be. The ocean was calling, so I returned to my childhood island.

Back on Los Rogues, I was hired as the manager of a boutique Posada which I loved because I was in walking distance of the ocean again and able to practice my Italian with the guests every day. I recognised that I thoroughly enjoyed working in hospitality however, the work was intense and after 365 days without rest, I handed in my notice, bought a ticket to Machu Picchu, Peru and spent some much needed time hiking, meditating and thinking about what I needed and wanted to do next.

The time spent in Peru made me realise that I needed to go back to my roots, so once again I returned to my  family home in the Caribbean where I was able to enjoy a peaceful year off. Living just a meter from the ocean meant I was able to spend my days surfing, snorkelling, practising yoga, reading many books and living a beautifully simple life.

When the year came to an end I felt so ready to embark on a new adventure and set new goals. So, I sold everything I owned, including my little boat and my boyfriend at the time and I purchased one way tickets to Bali. It was time to travel to Indonesia and ride the perfect waves that this surfer had always dreamt of.


Bali life.

We spent a year and a half falling in love with Bali, its people, culture and of course, the surf. I wanted to help the community that I was living in so I developed a project with a local NGO, cleaning the river in Canggu. I was hooked on Bali life and knew that I had to stay.

Several months passed, our savings were running low and it was time to find a more stable job but this time I promised myself that I would only do something that I was enthusiastic about. I found a position for a surf coach at a 5 star retreat for women which I embraced and loved. The job at the resort reinstated just how much I loved meeting and working with like minded and inspirational females.

After a year and a half working for the retreat, the universe conspired and signalled that I was on the wrong path, it was my saturn returns moment. The retreat shut down, all of our jobs were lost and the relationship with my boyfriend ended. Everything seemed chaotic and unbalanced but things would soon become clear.

Following a few months of quiet time dedicated to surfing, yoga, spending time with friends, drinking lots of coconuts and some of those incredible Bali sunsets, I found myself feeling balanced and calm again. I knew that my time on the Island had not come to an end and that something special was coming. I found my current partner, my biggest support, who pushes me to be the best version of myself everyday and who loves me for exactly who I am.

I sat down with myself and thought about all of the skills that I had learnt throughout my journey (oceanography, photography, surfing, yoga, community projects, customer service, hospitality and working with women) and decided that I would use them all to create something unique and authentic which I was deeply passionate about and so, I started to build Salti Hearts – a surf, yoga and fitness camp for women in Bali which has now been operating since 22nd March 2015 and I have never looked back.

Salti Hearts.

Starting Salti Hearts pushed me to step out of my comfort zone in a number of ways. Of course, initiating a new business is always hard but starting one alone, in a foreign country produced many more obstacles than I could have ever imagined. However, I knew that all of the hard work would be worth it and that every day was bringing me closer to working and living my dream job.

With a wonderful team of talented Indonesians, I have made the Salti Villa a tranquil and beautiful space for our female guests to take much needed time off, allowing them to disconnect from their busy lives and enjoy sharing their stories, inspire and be inspired by like minded women and create friendships of a lifetime.

We share our passion, we share our love, we share our journey, we share our mats, we share our waves; we want to inspire and positively impact the lives of other wonderful women.



Are you ready to join the Salti tribe? 

Yeni invites you to join her for one of Bali’s most authentic and unique surf, yoga and fitness camps. For more information on how to experience Salti Livin, get in touch today: Website: ,  Email: , Facebook @saltihearts , Instagram @saltihearts .




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