Justine Dupont and lucky grom Ellie. Credit Kim Eulenstein.


The priceless smile of local Newcastle grommie, Ellie after pro-surfer Justine Dupont gifted her comp surfboard to her at the Surfest yesterday. Ellie is currently in recovery after a heavy wipeout a few weeks ago. A large fin chop in her lower abdomen saw Ellie in hospital for a few days and will keep her out of the water for a few weeks at best.

‘Ellie was in shock when she was gifted the board. She looked like she was going to pass out for a moment there! Haha!’ Said Kim Eulenstein, founder of GSN. ‘Justine had a pretty rough day, bowing out of the WSL Women’s 6000 in round 4. Meeting Ellie and seeing the pure stoke on her face seemed to make everything better.‘ said Kim.

‘Losing is part of the game! At least you learn from the mistakes you have done and it makes you stronger. Thanks to Girl Surf Network I was lucky enough to meet this little girl “Éllie”. Her happiness has brought back the smile on my face and give me more power for next event next week at Manly! I am sure she will be ripping with her new board!’ Said Justine.

We’re pretty sure you have a fan for life now Justine!