Paris Whittaker Charges Cronulla Reefs

Paris Whittaker Charges Cronulla Reefs

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Surfers in Cronulla were buzzing with excitement recently with a forecast predicting a large south swell and light winds. Mixed with warm water, sunshine and school holidays the beach breaks were going to be packed so Paris took the opportunity to head out to some of Cronulla’s more isolated reef breaks on her Jetski SeaDoo.

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The main reef break, Voodoo, was a solid 8 feet and packed with hard core locals. This has been a well known big wave spot since the 60’s and surfers come from far and wide when it’s on. It breaks out of deep water and can handle 15 foot plus waves.

“I’ve surfed here a number of times but it’s a really intimidating wave when it’s big. I’m pretty lucky that a number of the regular guys look out for me and will often call me into waves. Having that support really helps when your surfing challenging waves”

Stretching to the south is a chain of reefs that boast a variety of rights and lefts. These waves can get very wind effected, even when it’s off shore due to their distance from shore, and are much more isolated. The tow surfers regularly surf the spots, but only the very dedicated surfers make the long paddle to the furthest of the 5 reefs.

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“Using the SeaDoo was a great way to do some exploring on this day and gave me the opportunity to surf a variety of different waves”.

“I’m looking forward to the next time we have similar conditions. That way I can keep challenging myself to surf better in these types of waves.”

The search for waves takes a bit more planning than just paddling out on our local, but it does bring rewards and tests your confidence and ability. GSN was so excited to see these shots of Paris stretching herself and thought it was a great encouragement for us all to continually extend our surfing limits and embrace new challenges. There is no better feeling than putting in the effort to seek out what we believe are our own limitations, then push through to defy them!

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