Nutrition for Surfer Girl Hair. By Rosie Mansfield.

Nutrition for Surfer Girl Hair. By Rosie Mansfield.

Nutrition for Surfer Girl Hair. By Rosie Mansfield.

The Nutritionists.

Did you know the condition of your hair is a revealing indicator of your general well being. So why is ours salty, matted, dry and bleached – oh yeah we are surfers! It is even more imperative for us girls to nourish our dangly bits with a diet abundant with protein and minerals as play a huge part in the health of your luscious locks! Hair is largely made up of the protein keratin, so ample amounts of proteins, as well as vitamins and minerals, must be munched to keep it looking smoking hot. Some super foods for super hair can be obtained from consuming:

Salmon at breakfast, lunch, or dinner will give you a jolly good dose of protein along with B vitamins and omega-3 good fats. Salmon can lock moisture into skin cells, encouraging the nourishment to hair follicles, helping hair grow strong and preventing hair loss. 

Walnuts are an excellent source of biotin, an essential nutrient known to strengthen hair, improve hair growth and reduce hair fall out. 

Spinach contains Iron and manganese which are two essential minerals needed for healthy hair growth. Iron helps prevent hair loss, and manganese helps to maintain healthy hair. 

Eggs are an awesome lean protein source to make sure we plop into our weekly diets, you can even use egg as an actual hair conditioner straight onto the scalp! Go free range and organic when you can, as to avoid hormones and antibiotics that get pumped into those poor little factory chooks. 

Seaweed is packed with minerals, iron and iodine. So whatever type you can get your hands on, from the nori we roll our sushi in, to the more exotic hijiki, arame and wakame. Get rolling girls! 

Rosie Mansfield is a professional Nutritionist that runs where you can get all types of meal plans from the newly gluten free to pregnancy. Got more questions email: Rosie is a contributor to the Girl Surf Network so keep an eye out for her in the Health and Fitness tab! 


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    thank you so much! I have to skip the salmon, because I’m vegetarian, but the other tips I will stick to! :)

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