Australian professional WQS surfer Philippa Anderson shares a bit of insight into her favourite all-round magic stick.


Name: Philippa Anderson
Country: Australia
Level: WQS competitive surfer
Shaper: Paul Parkes
Brand: 3P
Model: White – Noise
Dimensions: 5’10 x 18 5/8 x 2 1/4
Volume: 25.3
Fin System: Futures Fins- John John Medium
Tail: Rounded Square
Concave: Single to double
Wave Type: All conditions ranging from 3-4ft



3P approached me and made my first board about 6years ago. I rode it that week at Surfest and ending up winning the WQS on his board. From that day forward Paul has been shaping me magic sticks ever since. The last two years Paul and I have been working on boards that are a little bit longer in the length. With his WQS experience and knowledge in shaping, I really love working with him. He understand that I’m a growing female and will always listen to what I have to say.


Since surfing 3P boards, I have never had a board that didn’t suit any conditions for my competitions. The White- Noise model is an all round great performance board. I have been riding this model for the last 2 years on the WQS as well as changing it around and playing with the numbers. Its been all around the world with me from Peru 4ft perfect rights, Brazil and Newcastle chunky beach breaks to The Philippines barreling 3ft perfect reef breaks.


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