Holly-Daze Coffey can definitely put a board through it’s paces! We’ve seen her pull into some pretty heavy barrels and launch well above the lip for those air-rev’s she’s been landing lately. Holly is kind enough to share her favourite Magic Stick with GSN.

holly daze coffey

Name: Holly-Daze Coffey
Country: Australia
Level: WQS surfer
Shaper: Simmo
Brand: Simmo surfboard
Model: Killer/ Custom
Dimensions: 5,8, 18×2 1/8
Volume: 22.01 liters
Fin System: Shapers quad
Tail: Square tail
Concave: Secret :)
Wave Type: All-round board

The reason I ride and love Simmo surfboards is because Simmo and I work really well together to make the right boards for me. He really listens to what I want and need in a board, then adds his knowledge and expertise to the design. They are all custom designed for my needs. Everyone is different, so it’s great to have Simmo designing custom boards for me. They stand out too! To be honest, since I’ve been riding Simmo surfboards I’ve never had a bad board (touch wood).

x Holly-Daze


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