Last weekend I went surfing with a group of lovely ladies in Sydney. It’s winter here at the moment and pretty damn cold if you ask me. Yes, I’m pretty soft… I was in a 4/3 fully sealed steamer. Most of the other ladies in the group were wearing thinner and/or shorter wetsuits. A 4/3 wasn’t really necessary. I’m just a massive cat when it comes to the cold.

I’m not based in Sydney. It took me about two hours in the car to get there and when I did, oh god did I need to pee! That’s all I could think about. Surf, weather, food, friends…. Yeah whatever… just get me in the water so I can release that pressure!

I was pretty excited to pee too. Not just for the immediate relief… But I wanted to stay warm… And my fully sealed 4/3 had me running hot all session. Toasty I might say. While everyone else was freezing their backsides off, I was putting out so much heat that I started to attract some tropical fish as I waiting for the next set. I’ve been peeing in the water so much over the years that I kind of subconsciously associate the ocean with peeing. Even if I’m not busting, I still need to go as soon as my feet touch the water. It’s going to happen whether I like it or not.

On this day, one of the ladies paddled up and sat near me. She was expressing how cold she was. ‘I should have worn a full steamer. I’m freezing!’ I was pretty quick to reply with an immediate solution. ‘Why don’t you pee? Wasted it already?’ I asked. Her response was confusing. She had the most shocked look on her face. She was mortified. I could almost read her mind. ‘How could I suggest such profanity?’ ‘Why would anyone do such a thing?’ ‘Pee in your suit? Are you kidding?’ She quickly stated that she has never peed in the ocean, let alone when wearing a wetsuit. How could she? That’s just all kinds of wrong!

It got me thinking… Are there really surfers out there that don’t pee? Male or female, if you’re busting or just freezing and need the warmth, do you pee in the ocean? Are you against it? Do you pee in your wetsuit? Do you even wash it afterwards? Let’s all be honest amongst friends here… Do you? Or don’t you?


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  1. Cassie Wood August 16, 2016 at 8:50 am

    hahahah! This is the best confession! I reckon everyone does it. Like it all ends up in the ocean anyway.

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