GSN Contributor – Rosie Mansfield. Nutrition.

GSN Contributor – Rosie Mansfield. Nutrition.

Rosie Mansfield

Rosie Mansfield. The Nutritionist. 

When she isn’t talking about the power of food, she is writing about it or even better eating it! Rosie Mansfield is so in love with her choosen profession as a Nutritionist, she even surfs in fruit covered boardshorts! This self confessed heathy foodie is also an avid longboarder originally from the freezing cold British waves of Newquay, Cornwall . She did however deicide to swap her thick wetsuit for a bikini five years ago to reside in beautiful Manly Australia. She can be found most weekends cruising round the organic markets with an overflowing basket of goodness, stand up paddle boarding from bay to bay or personal training the lazy locals on the beachfront. She is the founder of a virtual nutrition clinic that allows you to download a huge range of nutritional meal plans from newly gluten free to post pregnancy. A healthy and helpful fellow surf sister to know. Drop her an email if you think she can help you reach your health goal


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