Freya’s Healthy Choc Mint Smoothie.

Freya’s Healthy Choc Mint Smoothie.

Apart from being an elite surfer, Freya Prumm is a pretty smart cookie! She is currently studying a degree in Pharmacy at Griffith University and is a member of the university’s honours college. She is working towards a broad knowledge of health and it’s many aspects.Β  Whether is the Australian Medicines Handbook or nutrition and holistic health publications, Freya spends a fair amount of time with her head in the books. We asked Freya how she would go about making a post surf smoothie….

Freya Prumm


Ingredients list
1 x soaked date
8 x soaked nuts of your proffered variety. I like walnuts for their omega 3 fatty acid profile. Brazil nuts are probably the most nutrient dense. Cashews for their magnesium. Add more or less depending on how hungry you are.
1 x tsp cacao powder
1/4 tsp cinnamon
8 x mint leaves (a drop of peppermint oil for the worshipers of mint)
1 x Vanilla pod (scrape out flesh)
3 – 4 blueberries (colours for antioxidants)
1 x tbs coconut milk (healthy fats, makes you feel fuller for longer – not too much it will taste like a curry)
400mL almond milk
1 x tsp cacao nibs

Place date and nuts in a cereal sized bowl of filtered water. This should be performed over night. Makes for easier digestion. Hydration helps to remove phytic acid, neutralise enzyme inhibitors and makes for a smoother blend.

Place ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into cup, sprinkle cacao nibs on top.

Use the freshest organic ingredients possible, if you can pick mint from your garden you are winning!
For a Nutella vibe use roasted hazelnuts.
To increase protein + omega 3 fatty acid content add a tbs soak chia seeds.
Don’t overdo cacao, it’s very bitter.
Use a high powered blender, this will ensure nuts are incorporated into the beverage better.
Berries are interchangeable.
If using peppermint oil do not use more than 2 drops, it is very potent.
Make an epic mint hot chocolate but heating in saucepan slowly to desired temperature. Be sure not to boil as this will denature heat sensitive protein and effect the fats.

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