Equal Prize Money for 2016 English National Surfing Champs!

Equal Prize Money for 2016 English National Surfing Champs!

Press Release – Newquay, Cornwall: With the World moving forward in gender equality it is about time that sporting events follows suit. The English Surfing Federation committee have met today and agreed that the 2016 English National Surfing Championships will be a gender equal event in terms of prize purse. This is a first in UK competitive surfing as well as leading the way ahead of many other sports.

Andy Sturt – Chairman of the ESF – “the English Surfing Federation is committed to give equal status to men and women in prize money, this parity is long overdue”

•There are a few sports who are leading the way in gender equality such as tennis. Equal prize money is paid in the grand slams, but still the smaller tournaments are yet to close the gap. Other mainstream and British favourites such as football, cricket and rugby pay remarkably different figures to the men and the women at the top of their game.

•The closest surfing has come on the world circuit to equality is equal winners prize purse in two separate competitions on the WCT (World Championship Tour). The Swatch Women’s Pro and the men’s Hurley Lowers Pro both in 2015. This could be a possible stepping stone to gender equality in a future event where both genders compete.

•Steadily more women in the UK are competing in surfing. The 2010 English Nationals saw 14 competitors compared with the 2015 contest with 22 entrants.

The English National Surfing Championships will be held at Watergate Bay Saturday 30th April – Monday 1st May

The English Surfing Federation is a volunteer organisation that primarily exists in its current form to ensure that National Champions are awarded in various surfing categories and to ensure there is representation of a strong English Squad at the European Surfing Championships in both Junior and Senior categories.


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