Global surf brand Electric California have just released their newest brand ambassador, Imogen Caldwell.

Imogen has been blessed with one of the more unique upbringings on offer, growing up in the breathtakingly beautiful coastal campsite that is Red Bluff in Western Australia’s remote north coast. Within a few short years she has grown into one of the hardest charging female surfers on the planet. With Red Bluff’s point break and Gnaraloo’s heavy lefthander Tombstone’s as your daily practice run, Imogen throws herself into waves that would leave most grown men paddling in the other direction.

As you would expect, the positives of growing up in such a remote part of the world have far outweighed the negatives and not only given Imogen a remarkably mature outlook on life but an amazing sense of adventure, self-confidence and excitement for the future. Not only does Imogen’s surfing receive global attention, but her striking natural beauty and earthy rawness has made her the perfect muse for Electric.

Electric California designs and markets sunglasses, snow goggles and helmets, watches, backpacks, luggage and accessories. They can be found throughout the Americas, Europe, Japan, China and Australasia in Lifestyle boutiques, department stores, sports shops and online, including Electric’s own e-commerce websites.

Congrats on the signing!