Ever wondered who is working tirelessly behind the scenes of the global surf industry? Who works for the big brands, the little ones, the surf coaches, the web designers the marketing managers? Who designs the wetsuits and surf tee’s and runs the shops that sell them? Who looks after the athletes and holds chairs among boards of directors? Who are the women taking on the roles that have been held by men for so many years? Here are just a small handful of women, or shall we say ‘Boss Ladies’ of the surfing industry.

A big thanks to all the women around the world that are helping our sport and grow and flourish. We’ve heard the saying ‘surfing is a male dominated sport‘ over the years… Well, here are some women that are changing that. This is part 2 of Girl Surf Network‘s five part feature on Boss Ladies of the Surf Industry.


ROSY HODGE Boss Ladies

Rosy – World Surf League Commentator – Rip ambassador.

Rosy Hodge, a former professional surfer from East London, South Africa has a long list of achievements to her name. Growing up surfing some notorious South African breaks, Rosy presented a natural flair from a young age. She partnered with Roxy at the young age of sixteen and pursued a professional surfing career, competing on the World Qualifying Series in 2006 before qualifying for the ASP World Championship Tour in 2007. Rosy spent four consecutive years in the top ranks of professional surfing before moving into a different career. Following a few successfull commentary roles, Rosy moved into commentating for the World Surf League, working at a long list of World Tour events around the world. With a genuine, down-to-earth personality and an extensive knowledge of competitive surfing, it is no wonder Rosy has now cemented herself as a resident WSL commentator and a much loved identity of the sport. She has since joined the Rip Curl team, continuing to promote women in surf around the world.


Hayley – Womens Marketing  – O’Neill.

O’Neill is a longstanding brand with origins back to California in 1952. Right in the thick of things is Hayley, looking after a range of marketing, creative, team management and campaign work to name just a few tasks at hand. Based out of the Australian head quarters, Hayley racks up a fair amount of travel time during the year. Various photo shoots, social management, POS and campaign work keep her busy during the year. She’s also in front of the computer in the office looking after catalogues, editing videos and dealing with hundreds of stockists around the country. Working in roles of this nature is somewhat second nature to Hayley, having a strong passion for all things surf… especially women in surfing. She has been a strong advocate for women in surf and an excellent mentor for young females. Hayley has also published her own book, established a motivational blog and has been an ambassador for a variety of health and fitness brands over the years.

Cait MIers Boss Ladies

Cait Miers – Surf, Ocean, Fashion, Lifestyle Photographer.

Cait is a 23 year old photographer from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. We’ve been following the budding career of Cait Miers in recent years. It seems as though it was only yesterday that she graduated from university with a Bachelor of Photography, setting out in chase of ‘the dream’. Cait definitely has a natural flair for photography. She boasts a strong set of skills behind the lens… but Cait has something a little extra. Maybe it’s a youthful eye, the female flair, a connection to the ocean and the surroundings that help her capture something a little different. Following Cait’s career in recent years has seen her burst onto the scene, working with major brands including Roxy, Billabong and O’Neill, along with a large portfolio of other industry campaigns. She has also released her own successful high selling book ‘Washed Elegance’ and has showcased a large range of works to the public. Cait is no doubt out working right now, somewhere tropical,  shooting a campaign for the next seasons biggest collections.

There are two things Amanda Couzner is exceptionally good at – growing an online business, and supporting women to discover the joy and adventure of an active lifestyle. After ten years in the surf industry, this stylish entrepreneur courageously left her dream job running digital at Surfing Australia to create Mazarine Aqua in 2015. From a surf-luxe base in Rose Bay, Mazarine Aqua is inspiring a global community of stylish surf-loving women. Amanda and her team leverage the active swimwear concept and with Mazarine Aqua’s 30+ designer brands has shipped to very happy customers in over 40 countries. Amanda is an experienced surf coach, and is driven to share her passion for surfing with women all over the world. The learn-to surf video series she created for the Mazarine Aqua YouTube channel has enjoyed over half a million views and growing! Amanda and her team also run events along the east coast of Australia, building a strong community for women. Amanda has created an incredible platform to inspire women to fall in love with the sport and look great doing so.

Laura – Roxy trade Marketing Manager

Growing up on the Surf Coast of Victoria, it was a dream come true for Laura when the opportunity arose to join the ROXY family. She has held a number of positions within the global brand over the years including the Retail Trade Marketing Coordinator across Asia Pacific for Quiksilver. Working alongside Asia Pacific Retail Trade Marketing Manager and Global Trade Marketing, Laura created and implemented strategies, procedures and templates across the newly structured Trade Marketing function. Many of the APAC processes and templates she created have been adopted at a global level. In 2015 Laura moved into the role of Trade Marketing Manager for AUS/NZ and continues to manage the presentation Quiksilver, ROXY + DC brands within wholesale and retail channels. It’s with epic ladies like Laura driving sustainable and profitable business through adequate trade marketing planning and execution that keeps these giants of the surf industry going strong. Laura loves the way of life that the brand embodies, and is so stoked every day to work with an amazing team of empowered, daring, confident and naturally beautiful girls and women.


Mimi – Rip Curl Media & Communications Manager

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Mimi started off with an internship at TW Surf during it’s hay day and with the help of Chris Cote, landed a role in Sydney, Australia with STAB.  After writing at STAB on and off for about a year, Mimi made the big move up to the Gold Coast and worked full-time as the Online Editor for Surfing Life Mag. She then branched out into full-time freelance work in 2015. Working freelance also allowed Mimi to work remotely. Most of her time was spent travelling, working with some big brands including Red Bull Surfing as their AU Editor, writing for VICE Sports, freelancing with Rip Curl on Search trips all while continuing to work with Surfing Life and other local mags. She has also been busy teaching a travel writing course in Indonesia with Global Hobo. Recently making the leap to Rip Curl, Mimi now works as their Media and Communications Manager and continues to write for various media platforms.

Stay tuned for part 3 of the Girl Surf Network Girl Boss series!


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