What is Girl Surf Network?

What is Girl Surf Network? 2017-05-23T22:59:49+00:00

Welcome Girl Surf Network. The global platform for female surfing!

‘According to a report published by sports research agency Gemba in 2010 there are around 810,000 female surfers in Australia alone. We aim to access every female surfer on the planet!’

Girl Surf Network was launched in Australia as a simple Facebook page with the purpose of both connecting and promoting female surfing along with healthy, active lifestyles.

Since it’s launch in 2012 Girl Surf Network has grown into the largest unbiased platform for female surfing in the world!

Girl Surf Network is a platform for every female around the world that has an interest in surfing and/or the surf lifestyle. We work within the grass-roots community level through to elite World Surf League – World Tour surfers. Girl Surf Network promotes, aids, inspires and motivates females of all ages, levels and styles of surfing. Girl Surf Network boasts a core team of elite professional surfers, former World Champions, mentors, management professionals and some of the most respected coaches and surfers in the industry.

“This is a platform made by female surfers, for female surfers.”

You may have come across Girl Surf Network at major surfing events, local beach breaks, local and international surf schools and even some of the most remote surf locations around the world.

GSN has been a major source of information and inspiration to an entire generation of female surfers around the world.

“People often ask me what I would be doing if I wasn’t a surfer. The first thing that comes to mind is a visual of myself catching a wave. Without hesitation I reply… ‘I’d be wishing I was a surfer.'”

6 x World Champion Stephanie Gilmore.

In 2017 Girl Surf Network launched it’s very own all-female surf seminar program where female surfers can network and learn in a fun, safe environment. The Surf Seminar program is held in a classroom within the state of the art Manly Aquatic and Leisure Centre. Participants have the pleasure of learning from well respected female coaches and industry professionals about all things female surfing. Our program is also supported by Swellnet with the founder, Ben Matson running a tutorial on weather systems, beach selection and oceanography. Our speakers run through a range of surf, ocean, safety, equipment and surf history information to upskill, motivate and inspire our audience. You can find more information on our Surf Seminar programs at www.SURFSEMINARS.com

In 2015 Girl Surf Network launched it’s first print publication The LOVE of Surf, a hardcover, hand-stitched, A4 landscape book featuring some of the biggest names in female surfing and surf photography. The LOVE of Surf is a pure celebration of female surfing with each surfer writing their own feature on their love of surfing or a particular experience in the ocean.

Featured surfers include the likes of Layne Beachley, Carissa Moore, Stephanie Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbons, Laura Enever and Sabre Norris to name just a few surfers that got behind the project. Major sales of the book came out of Europe, the USA and Australia. You can find more information on the book at www.LOVEOFSURF.com

In 2014 Girl Surf Network ran an all-female surf coaching trip to Fiji. This trip was run by the founder of Girl Surf Network, Kim Eulenstein along with top ten World Tour surfer Bec Woods. The trip also included another two current World Tour surfers in Paige Hareb and Dimity Stoyle. The trip was open to any female around the world (18 y/o +) to wanted the opportunity to surf with and learn from some of the best female surfers in the world. Fiji boasts some of the best surfing breaks in the world including Cloudbreak and Frigates reefs.

‘The opportunity to surf with, be photographed and coached by the Girl Surf Network team was mind-blowing!’ 

In 2013 Girl Surf Network’s Kim Eulenstein and Bec Woods partnered with professional photographer Joel Coleman and The Perfect Wave Travel Co on a trip to the remote Solomon Islands. This was no regular surf trip. The location was extremely remote taking three full days of travel to reach. The team spent two weeks travelling around to some very special communities in surrounding areas dropping off much needed supplies. A fair few surfboards were also gifted to the children in the communities and the surfers took part in teaching the locals to surf the peeling waves on their doorsteps.

Giving back to the local communities was the core focus of this trip which was a life changing experience for the GSN team.

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