1987, 89, 90 & 91 World Champion Wendy Botha Still Shreds Like a Boss!

1987, 89, 90 & 91 World Champion Wendy Botha Still Shreds Like a Boss!

4 x World Champion Wendy Botha hooking a nice bottom turn at Noosa Heads. Captured by Sharon Anderson.

4 x World Champ Wendy Botha hooking a serious bottom turn at Noosa. Captured by Sharon Anderson.

I rang Wendy out of the blue one day and asked if I could feature her in a women’s surf book I was putting together. She was hesitant at first. Probably because she had no idea who I was or what I was pitching to her.

‘I’m going to call it ‘The Love of Surf’ and it’s all about… well…. our love of surfing. I want to feature you Wendy!’

I remember it clearly. She asked in her relaxed South African accent, ‘Why the **** do you want to feature me then?’ I burst out laughing. ‘You’re pretty funny hey?!’

One of the things I really like about Wendy is she talks a lot… So do I. And over our many phone conversations we built up a pretty cool friendship. A lot of the time we would just talk over each other and over-froth on random things. We spent hours talking about surfing, growing up at J-Bay, a fair few horrific shark stories, posing nude for Playboy magazine and the many struggles and sacrifices she has made along the way.

For the book we ended up focusing on a pretty cool story on her first trip across to Australia at age sixteen. She was young, alone, scared and had little more than a surfboard, backpack and 200 bucks in her back pocket. Fast forward to age fifty and Wendy has four World Titles to her name and two beautiful children.
Wendy has so many stories from her fifty odd years on this earth. I feel pretty lucky to have heard just a few of them.

– GSN Founder Kim Eulenstein
Cover photo by Sharon Anderson.

You can order your copy of The Love of Surf all female surf book at www.LOVEOFSURF.com.


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